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Eclairage Led performant Vision-El Legrand sur EasyElec

PREMIUM ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT is a distributor of Legrand, Schneider and Vision-El electrical equipment. Our range has more than 90,000 types of new equipment that are guaranteed for 1 year. Our products are delivered everywhere in France and around the world using our proven delivery partners.


This is a manufacturer of high quality electrical equipment. To date, more than 50,000 different products exist, including many electric circuit breakers. Schneider Electric's logistics services are also known to be particularly efficient. We use the best of these for our sales and for every product the delivery times are optimised. However, the information provided on the website is indicative (in terms of delivery times).Whether under the name of Schneider Electric, Merlin Gerin or Sarel, all of these brands are based on Schneider Electric Group's expertise in electrical distribution equipment. The reputation of these brands is well established, a guarantee of quality and performance. Many articles are marked NF (a superior quality label).

All sensors, signalling devices and automated equipment, relays, control devices such as contacts and safety relays, are available in numerous styles to meet the needs of the various requested characteristics: voltage, frequency, current, etc...The range of enclosures meets the needs of electricians in terms of use, dimensions, protection index and impact resistance index, for severe or standard applications.


A great lighting solutions brand. The performance of LED lighting is constantly evolving. Currently the best lighting levels are around 10W of lighting for 1W of electricity. All connection solutions (ferrules, adaptors, etc.) are on EasyElec.


Also known for the quality of its products, this brand is very prominent in the third-party and domestic markets, given that its product ranges are adapted to these markets.

Also a manufacturer of high-performance polyester and metal enclosures, Legrand's know-how is well established. Legrand products are present in electrical distribution boards (circuit breakers, terminal blocks, industrial sockets), but also in homes (carefully designed switches, push buttons, etc. from the notable Céliane range.).


There are no surprises when it comes to the items sold on our site: the product you receive is the product you ordered! (note that this is not the case on many e-commerce sites for electrical equipment).

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